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Q. Are there special rates for getting cars to and from events like Pebble Beach in August? I will be looking for transport in August 2008 to and from Pebble Beach. Home is Virginia.

A. Some transporters may offer discounts if they receive multiple vehicles going to the same location. As far as a specific location and time, you should look for carriers that specifically advertise on related websites to give your chance the opportunity for discounts.

If you get a group of people all needing vehicles shipped you can group them for the transporter and have a much better chance at a discount.

Good luck!

More Questions and Answers

Q. How do I transport a car across country? For example what is involved with shipping a car from New York to California? [ view ]

A. For the purpose of answering your question I’m going to assume you mean what is involved with shipping your vehicle with an auto transport company. If you mean how do you hook your vehicle up t... [ more ]

Q. Do you ship within Canada or do you know who does. Thank you. anthony [ view ]

A. Anthony - Our site currently specializes in quotes to and from the United States. However, some of the companies on our site may ship vehicles to and from Canada. You have a couple options in getti... [ more ]

Q. do you have indivusual drivers that drive cars fom state to state? [ view ]

A. The services offered by the companies on our sites is door-to-door service. Drive-away service over the past 5 years is pretty uncommon for normal vehicles. For RVs and larger vehicles like tractor ... [ more ]

Q. Do I have too produce my insurence card to pick-up a car from the auto train? [ view ]

A. I'm not quite sure what you are referring to by "auto train". If you are referring to a rail car that hauls cars then the answer is we don't think so. The companies we deal with wo... [ more ]

Q. Who are the 5 largest carriers in the US? [ view ]

A. Good question. As far as the auto transport industry goes we deal with the side that mainly deals with customers and not car manufactures. There are very large companies that do not transport indivi... [ more ]

Q. i need to ship multiple vehicles have you ever done this? i am making a 3 vehicle purchase from a private owner in mid ohio and need them shipped to southern new jersey. thanks for any info. .......... [ more ]

A. Chris - Unfortunately right now our site only takes one vehicle at a time. So you will need to submit 3 separate quotes, one for each vehicle. If the vehicles are the same type of vehicle you could... [ more ]

Q. This will be a first time experience for us. We want to ship a F-150 Ford Pick Up truck from San Diego to Amherst, VA. Please educate us on how to proceed, what we should know and what we need to ... [ more ]

A. Maria - Check out the tips on our website they really cover the main areas. Once you get your quotes hop over to and read reviews about each of the companies. All of the co... [ more ]

Q. We need to ship a car from Northern California to South Plainfield, NJ. Is it possible to ship by train, or just truck? [ view ]

A. It is possible to ship by train but most companies ship exclusively by truck. The logistics of moving individual vehicles by train is pretty difficult since train cars can sometimes take 20 vehicles ... [ more ]

Q. Do you transport motorcycles? I have two going to Flarida. [ view ]

A. Yes, we can provide quotes for shipping a motorcycle. Please visit: for motorcycle quotes. [ view ]

Q. do you ship boats? i need to ship a boat and trailer,from maine to florida [ view ]

A. To get a boat transport please visit the free quote form at: There you will find a form specifically created for your boat. [ view ]

Q. I have two vehicles to be shipped from Hawaii to Tennessee - is there a multi-car discount? [ view ]

A. When you contact the companies you should certainly mention that you have two vehicles. In most cases there is a 5% to 10% discount for a second vehicle. [ view ]

Q. Do you list the ratings customers give the transport companies after they have used them? [ view ]

A. Yes! All the companies we use have excellent ratings, typically 5 out of 5 stars on our review website at When you use our companies you can either submit a review there on... [ more ]

Q. Am I expected to tip the driver when he/she delivers my car? [ view ]

A. I love the question & answers feature of this site because it never ceases to amaze me the very practical and often overlooked questions that we frequently get. Unfortunately the answer on tipp... [ more ]

Q. I know I can receive several quotes for shipping a car, but how do I know if the rate I am paying per mile/per load is within the industry average. One transporter may charge a $1.00 per mile and anot... [ more ]

A. The more companies you request quotes from the better chance you have of getting a varying range on the prices. Of these prices you will easily be able to see an industry average. The companies on o... [ more ]

Q. How do I get a quote for transporting a car from Toronto Canada to New York City? Is it possible to hire a driver to drive the car? [ view ]

A. Due to additional factors in pricing international vehicle moves we currently do not offer the option for "one form multiple quotes" that we do for US only moves. We would recommend vis... [ more ]

Q. Is there a specific location within your city of origin, that a transporter must pick your vehicle up from? [ view ]

A. Most auto transporters do a door-to-door service. Door-to-door service in the auto transport industry depends mainly on how easily your "door" is to access. In many cases the truck picking... [ more ]

Q. what do you mean by bill of lading? [ view ]

A. The bill of lading is the document that records the temporary care of your vehicle. In most cases it is just a form with a drawing of a car where you can note scratches, dents, scuffs and other damag... [ more ]

Q. What does door to door delivery mean? [ view ]

A. Door-to-door in the vehicle transport industry means as close to your home or driveway as the large car carrier can safely get. Many of the trucks transporting your vehicle are large trucks that haul... [ more ]

Q. Will we be able to tell if the transporter owns his company or will this be handled by a broker? [ view ]

A. In most cases your transport will be handled by a broker contracting with a carrier. Specific carriers run on specific routes so the chances that your vehicle is moving on the specific route as one o... [ more ]

Q. how many cars can one transporter carry? [ view ]

A. The number of cars a carrier can handle on one truck varies between a single vehicle and ten vehicles. Most commonly shorter routes use two to three car trailer. Economies of scale make seven to ten... [ more ]

Q. What happens when the carrier does not pick up the vehicle at the scheduled time? [ view ]

A. In most cases carriers will not give a specific time. Carriers travel hundreds of miles a day, so like a vacation road trip, many factors determine when they arrive at their final destination. So ... [ more ]

Q. Do I have to be at home for when they pick up my vehicle? [ view ]

A. You or someone who you are willing to allow sign for your vehicle will need to be available at the time of delivery. We recommend you do whatever you can to be available when your vehicle is delivere... [ more ]

Q. how would I find out if a vehicle transporter is licensed? [ view ]

A. You can visit and click on Find A Company. Locate the company name and click it to view their profile. On that screen if they have number listed under "MC Numbe... [ more ]

Q. When Do I pay for the transporting of my vehicle? Before or After? Thank You [ view ]

A. The answer is typically both, before and after. The typical transport has a deposit which is paid when you book your move. The deposit is typically about 10% of the total cost and paid to the compan... [ more ]

Q. Are there special rates for getting cars to and from events like Pebble Beach in August? I will be looking for transport in August 2008 to and from Pebble Beach. Home is Virginia. [ view ]

A. Some transporters may offer discounts if they receive multiple vehicles going to the same location. As far as a specific location and time, you should look for carriers that specifically advertise on... [ more ]

Q. Do you move travel trailers (campers)? [ view ]

A. Some of the companies do move RV's and trailers. To submit a quote for a camper or RV please use the form at: [ view ]
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