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Use One Of The Companies From
It may sound like shameless self-promotion but one of the best tips we can offer our visitors is to use one of the companies you find through vehicle The vehicle transport companies you find on our site are quality and accountable companies. Quality because their past customer would use them again and accountable because you get to rate and review their service when the transport is completed and with tens of thousands of visitors every month your opinion and rating very important to the company!

Read and Re-Read Your Contract
In a survey of past unsatisfied customers the most of the top issues were related to not reading their shipping agreement and making assumptions about what happends when bad things happen like damage or delays.

Ask Questions!
If you are not able to find the answers to your questions on this site you have two options:
  • Ask us using the Ask A Question page.
  • When you get your price quote ask the company in the other information box or call or email the company when they get back to you.
    Provide As Much Information As Possible
    In the vehicle transport industry getting a quote and placing an order is simple, as it should be. But with simple there are assumptions made by the broker which may not be accurate. For example the broker will assume that the standard timelines for pick-up and delivery are okay. If you have any date requirements what-so-ever you should make these dates known to the company up front. Your price may change but it is worth saving the head ache of trying to enforce dates later that the company was not aware of.

    Have Reasonable Expectations!
    The most common reason for customer issues with vehicle transport companies is that they have unreasonable expectations about the length of time that a transport will take. We live in a world where packages are overnighted worldwide and information is delivered at light speed, but let us tell you that the vehicle transport industry is not an overnight service. As the companies you receive quotes from on our site will tell you transporting a car is measured in days if not weeks. Understand that coast-to-coast in the vehicle transport industry will take 10 to 20 days on average depending on many of the pricing factors.
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